Official Tournament Rules

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Entry Fee: $150.00 per Boat - No Entry Deadline - Register Here

The rules will be interpreted solely by the Tournament Committee and all rulings are final. All Missouri State Conservation and Water Patrol regula-tions are applicable.

Tournament Committee

The Tournament Committee shall consist of the Tournament Director and (6)committee members. The Tournament Committee will be responsiblefor the weighing and for resolving any disputes. The Tournament Com-mittee reserves the right to appoint partners in specific circumstances. TheTournament Committee reserves the right to reject any entry. Any un-sportsman like conduct or abusive language could result in suspensionfrom future tournaments.


Safe boating and fishing practices must be observed by all participants at all times. During the take-off and anytime the boat is above troll all con-testants are REQUIRED to wear a life jacket, which must be securely fastened. All boats must have the appropriate Coast Guard safety devices and no alcohol is per-mitted during tournament hours.

Permitted Fishing Locations

Fishing is permitted anywhere within the Tournament Lake, except that no contestant is allowed to fish within 50 yards of another contestant if he is anchored. No trailing of boats during tournament.

Tackle and Equipment

Only artificial bait or lures may be used. No live bait or prepared bait may be used other than pork or pork-type bait. No trolling is permitted. Only one rod may be used at one time. All bass must be caught on a rod and reel. A landing net may be used. All fish must be caught and landed from the boat.


Only Largemouth Bass, Spotted Bass and Smallmouth Bass will be counted. Total stringer will determine place. Any bass that does not measure will cause 1 oz. to be subtracted from the stringer weight. Bass must be 15 inches long and no more than (5) fish per boat may be weighed in. Each Contestant is expected to take the utmost care of his fish so that all living bass may be returned to the lake. No frozen or mangled fish will be submitted for weigh-in. Any such fish will be deducted and turned over to the Tournament Committee for review. Any contestant doing so will be disqualified and subject to disciplinary action by the Tournament Committee. After the Contestants submit his or her fish to be weighed in the contestants will not be allowed to touch or handle the fish again. Decision on short fish will be made by the official weigh master. A courtesy board will be available to all contestants prior to weigh-in. Measuring will be conducted by closed mouth and pinched tail. Flat measuring boards will be used as official measuring. All live tournament fish will be returned to the lake, except for 5 lb. trophy fish to be mounted by contestant. A 1 lb penalty per dead fish will be deducted from the total stringer weight.

Check-in Late Penalty

All boats must check-in by appropriate Flight times and will be called by boat number at the competition weigh-in. Late contestants will be penalized 1 pound per minute up to 10 minutes, then disqualification. Contestants must check in from the same boat they used for takeoff.


No one will be eligible to participate in the tournament who receives more than 30% of his/her gross annual income from tournament prize money, or if they receive payment for guide services.


Any contestant wishing to protest the conduct or score of a fellow contestant must do so in writing and file the same with the Tournament Committee, within 30 minutes after his flight is scheduled for weigh-in. The Tournament Committee may on its own motion, take up and decide questions relating to any contestant’s conduct and score.


Boats numbered 1 to 50 start off at 6 am and weigh in at 3:30 pm.

Boats numbered 51 to 100 start off at 6:15 am and weigh in at 3:45 pm.

Boats numbered 101 to 150 start off at 6:30 am and weigh in at 4 pm.

pdfClick here to download Information, Rules, and Forms
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